Cupping - Chinese Medicine - TreatmentCupping improves blood flow, removes toxins, relieves muscle tension/spasms, reduces pain and restores balance in the body to facilitate healing. Our practitioners use the dry cupping method which is suction-only. Glass cups are inverted and the air inside is heated using a fire source.  Then the fire source is removed and the cup is placed on the skin. As the air cools inside the cup it creates a vacuum and the skin/muscle are drawn upward. The skin may turn red in response to the pressure change and mild bruising may occur, but should dissipate in less than a week.

Cupping has become more popularized due to media coverage and celebrities sporting cupping marks. Much like all of Chinese Medicine, cupping has been around for thousands of years and has played a role in many medical histories of different cultural origins. It has remained due to its effectiveness addressing several key ailments. Commonly it is used for pain management and respiratory disorders. It provides immediate relief for many conditions and is a great and often under-utilized component of Eastern Medicine.