Christopher Statz, Massage TherapistChristopher D. Statz, Massage Therapist

Christopher graduated in 2011 from the Dayton School of Medical Massage where he was trained in traditional Swedish massage. He has refined his own style working with the layers of the body and is comfortable offering deep pressure when requested or deemed to be most beneficial. He is here to help you in any way he can, either for a specific complaint or general wellness. He also offers a personalized form of energy work.

Over the years, as he developed his massage skill set he also created his own form of energy work. This includes very light or no touch, using positive intention, active visualization, and gentle breath-work in order to assist the flow of life force energy and allowing space for the body to heal itself more efficiently. His clients have had many interesting and sometimes profound results.

Personally he is originally from Massachusetts and moved to Spokane in order to support my wife who is an OB/GYN. They have 3 amazingly beautiful children. He is proud to say for the last eight years he has been working part-time as a massage therapist but mostly focusing on his family as a stay-at-home dad and home maker, cooking healthy organic meals from scratch, and tending their five acres, large garden, chickens, and now alpacas.

He has learned the importance of healthy living, traveled to Peru to explore energy healing, and is passionate about helping others. He hopes to have the honor of working with you.

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