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You could benefit from Acupuncture if you are:
  • Struggling with chronic pain and illnesses that have not responded to other forms of care
  • Interested in reducing dependence on medications
  • Fed up with treatments that don't work
  • Looking for a natural therapy with little risks of side effects
  • You want to feel better and see changes in your well being

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Acupuncture Office
Eastern Medicine is one of the most widely utilized medical systems in the world. This natural and effective approach to medicine and preventative healthcare addresses a full spectrum of health complaints. Experience the benefits of acupuncture, massage and herbal therapies by licensed, compassionate practitioners within a beautiful and tranquil clinic environment.

To see how acupuncture can address your health concerns, feel free to call us. We welcome your questions and are happy to discuss your specific conditions and how we can help.

Michaela is amazing, her ability to listen to how I was feeling to help lead on how each session should go was great! I've dealt with neck, shoulder, and lat issues for over a year but my time with Michaela helped address those problems and become more aware of my body and what is going on. I could tell that between sessions she was thinking of what was going on with my body and how she could help. I would recommend her to anyone!
Tyler O.
I've tried so many other treatments that have not worked for my chronic pain, but acupuncture has been the best treatment for me. Jodi's technique and experience make her the best acupuncturist in Spokane. It has helped me enormously with tight muscles and headaches. I always look forward to my treatments. You've been a lifesaver for me!
Kara H.
I think you hit all the sleep spots yesterday. I slept as well as I have in a long time. I had 6.4 hours of deep sleep and just 5 REM segments. My feet feel really good today, too. Thanks for all you do.
Oliver P.
I felt so good the day after my last treatment that I washed FIVE cars in 97 degree heat! Woohoo! Ok it was at the car wash but still! Thank you!!!
Melody W.