VFit Plus - Wellness DeviceThe world’s first and only home-use device using photobiomodulation, thermal loading, and sonic technology to improve intimate wellness.

VFit Plus FAQ

VFit Patient Profiles

First energy-based device favorably designated by the FDA as a low-risk general wellness device for the improvement of intimate wellness.


  • Private: home-use for privacy and ease
  • Natural: Non-invasive and hormone-free
  • Affordable: a fraction of other options
  • Quick: up to 12 minutes every other day for 6 weeks
  • Complementary: works well with other solutions

Quality of Life

Improve ability to:

  • Be spontaneous
  • Enjoy improved sexual function
  • Feel confident
  • Connect with their partner
  • Enjoy an improved quality of life

Receive a free gift with this purchase until February 14, 2019. Includes travel bag and gel ($25 value).

Free Gift with Purchase

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